Acting Classes

The Hunter Gates Academy Acting Classes

If you want to hone your acting skills in an acting customized workshop or enroll in the full-time acting program, The Hunter Gates Academy offers acting classes and training in physical theatre. You have opportunities to work with seasoned professionals in workshops throughout the year or take our full-time professional one-year intensive program.

This training aims toward the creation of a dynamic theatre, in which the embodied actor plays with freedom, authenticity, and visceral power within the vibrant and poetic space of the stage. Appropriate for all actors, dancers, directors, teachers, designers, and performers, with any level of stage experience.  Our acting classes include workshops on the art of mask performance, improvisation, characterization, movement technique and analysis, stage combat, the Commedia Dell'Arte, clown, and melodrama. Additionally, students attending the full-time program may take part in local performances within Mask Mime & Mayhem.

Hunter Gates founded The Hunter Gates Academy of Physical Theatre in 1996 with acting classes in an intensive setting as a training ground for artists and individuals. Academy coursework is in the European-based tradition of physical theatre, inspired by the pedagogy of Jacques Lecoq. Ready to get started? Fill out the application form online.