Coronavirus and the Arts

WHERE WE ARE - September 2021

The Hunter Gates Academy, RuminariLive Arts, and Comedy for Communities International are now planning the gradual reopening of their activities from September 2020 onwards. 

Our public adult & youth programs started in mid-September 2020. We are have finalized details, and there will be class size, timetable, and our normal class process changes.

Following the success of RuminariLive Arts' Summer Youth Camp 2020 where we delivered six weeks of COVID-secure, socially distanced summer theatre activities for 30 children, we are confident in our plan to restart safe and engaging classes are in line with current Government guidance.

At RuminariLive Arts, The Hunter Gates Academy, and Comedy for Communities we believe in creating transformational experiences that change the way people view and experience theatre. Covid-19 and physical distancing have challenged us all to teach, learn, and present contemporary theatre and physical theatre in new ways. Our colleagues, staff, and students across all of our formal and informal courses and presentations have risen to that challenge and shown energy and imagination in continuing to innovate and create in a virtual and small audience environment throughout these unprecedented times.

We are now planning for the start of the next training and performance year. In fall 2021 we aim to re-open  RuminariLive Arts' Theatre programs, The Hunter Gates Academy Full-Time Professional Program, and the Comedy for Communities' Laugher Symposium. The Symposium will be an in-person event in Camrose, Alberta.  Should this need to be adjusted according to government and AHS guidelines on physical distancing and our own reviews of our practice, our plan is to go ahead with celebrating our second symposium.

We are, of course, very aware of the physical and social nature of our artforms and will make every effort to ensure that there is as much practical, hands-on learning and access to equipment as possible. We will be working hard to ensure that this is as safe as possible, in consultation with staff and participants. The timetable will be revised to accommodate smaller groups and fewer changes in the studio and at the symposium, should that be a necessity. We all have to acknowledge that the pattern over the next year will be different, and we have to seize the opportunity to explore new approaches to blended learning.

Performance is intrinsic to everything we do. We will continue to find ways of presenting work on a small scale.  As physical distancing is lifted, we will work towards reinstating our programs of student and professional performances in full.

The safety and well-being of all students, staff, and colleagues is our priority. We will be taking all relevant measures to maintain hygiene and have worked throughout the coming months to ensure that our space is well prepared for a full return. Subject to the government guidance, and our own risk assessments we anticipate that some youth programs and other informal classes will also be able to start at the same time or before the Academy program. Across all areas of our activity, we are working closely with the wider performance sector to explore innovative ways for delivery, research, and performance. 

We are confident that the contributions of our passionate and skilled arts community will ensure that the next year will be a rewarding and stimulating one for all associated with RuminariLive Arts, The Hunter Gates Academy, and Comedy for Communities International.