Mask Mime & Mayhem Productions

Mask Mine and Mayhem

Research, Creation, and Shows

Mask Mime & Mayhem Productions is an international theatre platform.  Their focus is to produce new and established plays in new and exciting ways. 


The purpose of a collaboration with Mask Mime & Mayhem Productions is to create and tour original performative work rooted in the teaching pedagogy and it provides a platform for alumni to collaborate with the Academy faculty in the process of developing and sharing new works. 


M3 serves as a bridge between alumni of the Academy and other working professionals.  This allows for an open, collaborative focus on professional growth and research. Ensemble members create work with artists of many different backgrounds from all around the world.

We support both our alumni and emerging artists by providing them with residency opportunities. We offer training, as well as research and development space for performers to devise new work. We connect emerging talent with our engagement program to promote their ventures.

For more information contact: - Tel 780 737 3003