Full-time Intensive Theater Program

The Hunter Gates Academy Physical Theater Program

Are you searching for a physical theater program? The Hunter Gates Academy offers a full-time one-year intensive theater program with opportunities to work with seasoned professionals. Hunter Gates founded the Academy of Physical Theatre in 1996 as an intensive training ground for artists seeking professional development in the European-based tradition of physical theater, inspired by the pedagogy of Jacques Lecoq.

This program is for students looking to journey into the realms of actor-created theatre. Open to all performers, with or without a university or college degree. The training includes physical awareness and responsiveness, vocal and movement improvisation, as well as the study of the mask, melodrama, stage combat, the Commedia Dell'Arte, clown, and more.  Through an experiential theatrical process, students delve into ongoing research into the action of making theatre. Certification is granted upon completion.

Students attending the full-time program may also participate in local performances with Mask Mime & Mayhem's international theater platform. Our physical theater program and collaboration with Mask Mime & Mayhem Productions create and tour original performative work rooted in physical theater teaching pedagogy. It serves as a bridge between our theater program and working with professionals, allowing an open collaboration with artists of many different backgrounds from all around the world.

We support Hunter Gates Academy's physical theater alumni and emerging artists with residency opportunities, training, and research and development space for performers to create new work. And we also connect emerging talent with our engagement program to promote their ventures.

We encourage creative and enthusiastic people from all backgrounds who are willing to take risks and push themselves to apply to our program. If you have any questions, please contact us. You can also fill out the application form online.