All workshops offered at The Academy are primarily directed toward theatre-makers in acting and performance, but they equally address the work of teachers, directors, playwrights, designers, circus artists, choreographers, and musicians.


These workshops provide short & long-term training with a physical theatre approach to specific theatre styles over various time frames:  Weekends - 2/3 days,

Weeks - 7/10 days

Weekly over the course of months, meeting once a week. 


The aim is to introduce and prompt students to explore new tools to use as platforms in developing and enriching their own work.

Workshop programs are customized and designed to meet the needs of each specific group or organization and the possibility always exists to combine workshops to create dynamic points shared by two or more viewpoints.

Workshops are open to students at every level.

the tower if peace

Develop a greater understanding of your body and its expressive potential, with or without words.

Girl with manequins

Increase your presence, power and range as an actor and as human being.


Engage with the creative power of your body by building characters and studying movement dynamics.


Create in collaboration while developing skills in acting, writing and directing.

Please contact us for information about future workshops
if you would like to organize any specific workshop